Seven Note Wold Tour

Seven Note World Tour

Corporate Event

Seven Note Word Tour is a collaborated project between Bowers & Wilkins and Maserati. Celebrating the new car audio system, and co-branded speaker and headphones, the tour was taken places in 8 major cities including London, New York, Shanghai, Tokyo, Milan and etc.

We have been asked to design panels to tell the story of history and philosophy of the both companies.

Client: Bowers & Wilkins
Date: May / 2013
Media: Panel design
Created at: Thomas Manss & Company

McLaren – 50 Years of Racing

McLaren – 50 Years of Racing

Photography and biography book

Celebrating 50th anniversary of McLaren, this book illustrates the history of the great racer Bruce McLaren and his company with exclusive interviews with Patty McLaren-Brickett, Martin Whitmarsh, Niki Lauda, Alain Prost and Jenson Button.

Client: McLaren
Date: September / 2013
Media: Print
Created at: Thomas Manss & Company

Havana – Autos and Architecture

Havana- Autos and Architecture

Art and photography book

Havana – Autos & Architecture is a photography book by Norman Foster and Mauricio Vicent, and photograph by Nigel Young. The book starts with the photography by Luc Chessex, who lived in Havana from 1961 to 1975. His photography shows an ordinary life in Cuba, and the story continues to introduce the architecture, history, and classic cars in Cuba. There are 8 unique stories by the car owners to share their lives and relationships with the cars.

Client: Ivory Press
Date: September / 2014
Media: Print

Created at: Thomas Manss & Company

Chris Dyson

Chris Dyson Architects website

Responsive website

Chris Dyson Architect is a architecture studio based in London.  As the studio is famous for intelligent conservation and sensitive building design, their approach is called ‘Classical Modernist’. Their principals are also reflected in the firm’s website. The web design look classic, but the site is fully responsive and can show their projects nicely in a big screen, smart phone, and tablet.

Web address:
Client: Chris Dyson
Date: September / 2014
Media: Website
Created at: Thomas Manss & Company