Seven Notes World Tour in LondonSeven Notes World Tour in London

Seven Notes World Tour in London

Thomas Manss & Company participated the Seven Note Tour on 18th of July. This tour has begun in Dubai first and went to China, Japan, the U.S., Italy and London at last. We have designed the panels and graphics for this event.

Seven Notes World Tour in London

先月18日にロンドンで行われたSeven Note World Tourに参加しました。4月半ばドバイから始まって、中国、日本、アメリカ、イタリアを経てついにロンドンへきました。本プロジェクトはBowers & WilkinsとMaseratiのパートナーシップ契約を祝うために始まった音楽プロジェクト。World Tourに際し、イベントで使用されるパネルのデザインをしました。

Bowers & WilkinsとMaserati両者の歴史がわかるよう、創設者、パートナーシップ、製品などにカテゴリーを分けてそれぞれデザインしました。



Noise by Ed Ruscha

noiseEd Ruscha’s retrospective at Oxford’s Museum of Modern Art was the first in the UK to bring together paintings, books and drawings from the Los Angeles-based artist’s 40-year career.
One has to remind oneself just how audacious Ruscha’s first deadpan canvases, with their bold words and photorealist renderings of small commonplace objects must have seemed when he launched them on the art public of early 1960s America. The Abstract Expressionists still reigned supreme and their champion, the critic Clement Greenberg, was proclaiming that painting should be kept ‘pure’.Continue reading

Power of Speech

Bussiness Man

Here we see Steve Jobs introducing the very first iPod at a low key event in 2001.


The full version of Martin Luther King’s famous “I have a dream” speech.


Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States on November 4th, 2008 in Chicago.

Television Host

Oprah Winfrey’s 2008 Stanford Commencement Address


Adolf Hitler – Speech (1933)


Pope addresses Westminster Abbey

News Anchor

Sky News – First report of World Trade Center crash